09/11/2007 Atlantic Gainesville, Florida w/ Jawsome!

09/08/2007 1982 Gainesville, Florida W/ Two Finger Suicide, the Damn Wrights, and Freightline!

08/29/2007 Moefest Gainesville, Florida w/ liquid limbs, hospitals on the moon, and building rockets

08/18/2007 New World Brewery Tampa, Florida 33605 w/ Lyndon!

08/14/2007 Atlantic Gainesville, Florida 32601 w/ The Fucking Wrath and Ox Vs. Thunderbird!

06/05/2007 Atlantic Gainesville, FL w/ liquid limbs

05/20/2007 Durty Nelly's Gainesville, FL w/ scum of the earth

04/27/2007 Pegasus Lounge Tampa, FL

04/11/2007 1982 Gainesville, FL

03/24/2007 Billabong Pub Miami, Florida

02/16/2007 Common Grounds Gainesville, Florida w/ lyndon!

02/15/2007 Orange n' Brew Gainesville, Florida

01/20/2007 Tim and Terry's Gainesville, Florida w/ liquid limbs & hospitals on the moon!

01/07/2007 1982 Gainesville, FL w/ Crush Your Cupcake, Portrait of a Stereo Killer, and MT Orkestra

12/08/2006 KNK Rehearsal Studios Ocala, Florida

11/28/2006 1982 Gainesville, Florida with Andy matchett (people chasing people), spinaker, and the northerness

07/22/2006 Tim + Terry's Gainesville, FL w/ hotels on the moon.

05/24/2006 Bar One gainesville, FL w/ adam's out

05/13/2006 Guitar Bar Savannah, GA

05/12/2006 007 MUSIC TAVERN Myrtle Beach, SC

05/10/2006 The Wetlands Chapel Hill, NC with The City Drive

05/08/2006 Lit Lounge NYC New York, NY w/ Sadpunk , Anabolics , Others Ran

05/07/2006 Grog and Tankard Washington, DC w/ One Eye Stanley

04/27/2006 Level Gainesville, FL w/ Fick and Berman

11/09/2005 Civic Media Center Gainesville, FL w/ Luca Brasi, Snare & a Chair, and Phosphorescent Fruit

10/25/2005 The Atlantic Gainesville, FL w/ Lyndon & Phosphorescent Fruit

10/17/2005 Midtown Gainesville, FL w/ Motion Picture Demise and TBA

10/15/2005 The Atlantic - HURRICANE BENEFIT SHOW Gainesville, FL 15 bands for only $5 - Escape Grace, The Horror, Bracelet, J.Page, Frozen Cobra, Thru This Window, Chiisai-Oto, Witness the Fitness and more! BBQ and Veggie-BBQ will be on sale ($3 - $5) All proceeds donated to aid in the hurricane relief effort.

10/08/2005 Tim & Terry's - FREE Gainesville, FL w/ TBA

10/01/2005 BAND AID 2005 - Katrina Benefit Show - FREE Gainesville, FL A CONCERT FESTIVAL TO BENEFIT THE VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA 2pm - 10pm @ Santa Fe Community College 9 hrs of music including GruvTherapy, Stereoside, Voice of the People, and Rashon Medlock. www.bandaid2005.com

09/28/2005 Eddie C's - Ed's Birthday Bash Gainesville, FL with Illbreak, Out of Season, and The Untimely Death of...

09/20/2005 Atlantic Gainesville, FL with Low Income Bracket and Frozen Cobra

09/05/2005 Purple Porpoise Gainesville, FL with Low Income Bracket and Fireplug